Friday, June 1, 2007

Smokin Smokin Weed

Well well well, look what I found on Youtube... Ray J Smokin' Weed! He said that there was gonna be a video coming out, but I thought that it was leaked, apparently he did this himself! Or at least he was adviced in doing this himself... I've already become aware of the Sonja Norwood jedi mind tricks shes been playing on people: Brandy ends up Preggers, Well lets put a spin on it by saying that she was secretly married- which was false! Shout out to Robert Smith for puttin Brandy's whoring on blast! Oh Brandy accidently killed someone, Ray J and Kim Kardashian are having sex all over the place... lets spin that with more wreckless behavior, people like that. Whatever, I aint falling for the Red Pill...

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