Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nellshanti Break Up, Leads to Pay Back

Aww that's right Shanny, hit that mofo where it hurts... RECORD SALES! *SINISTER GRIN*

Last week, when reported that Nelly and Ashanti were
separating, we expected that the split was going to be amicable. But now it's
beginning to look like the Nelly-Ashanti split might be getting messy.
see, three weeks ago Nelly announced that he was releasing his latest album on
August 28th of this year. And has just learned that Ashanti,
who is also set to release an album this summer, has chosen the exact same date
to release her album.
According to one industry insider, Ashanti's decision
is troubling. The insider explained, "Choosing to release her album on the same
date as an artist like Nelly doesn't make any sense at all. Whenever two artists
release an album on the same date, they always cannibalize each other sales. So
no matter how many albums Ashanti sells that week, she would sell even more if
[her album] was released on a different day."
The insider continued, "But I
know how she feels, sometimes a man can hurt so badly that you'll do anything to
get back at him - even if it means hurting yourself."

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