Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh Damn Not You Again

Guess Who's Bizzak? Its ya girl T-to the -O- to the -Y- to the -A! HOLLA!
Whats good blogspot and everyone out in WWW-land? Yep, Im back, I had this deep feeling to get back to my roots... being nice was just NOT working for me anymore. I needed that smug celeb gossip in my life! As far as Im concerned you do to...

So for a quick synopsis of who I am and why you may know me...
I have had a website/forum called Lay & Toya's House and that just didn't work out for so many reasons. Yes, Im still doing the forums and stuff... But Ive toned it down and stayed a little low key! Plus, some of you may know me from starting all types of shit all up and through the internet! But again, I say I've calmed it down (we're grown big girls now, no need to continue our trouble making ways)

So Now Im back to what I do best, Gettin' all up in the business of these celebs and running it through the mud (ok, so maybe not that much)

But I aint sayin'... Im JUST Sayin'!

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